Lewis Noble – Biography

Born 1967
1989-1992 BA Hons Fine Art, Birmingham UCE
2001 Winner, Vickers Art Award

Lewis Noble is to spend a year working with Chatsworth making a body of work in response to the estate. This unique and exciting project will take place throughout 2008 – 2009 and will culminate in a major exhibition.

“Painting near my home and studio in the Peak District I have continuous exposure to the landscape that surrounds me. A great deal of my recent work has been spent outside painting directly from the landscape. I want to make paintings that are in immediate response to the sky, the land, and importantly, the transitions between them. Being landlocked, I always find it immensely inspiring to be near the coastline. The seascapes in this exhibition are from part of mid Wales I know very well.

Looking over the cliff edge almost vertically down onto the shiny black slate beach.

The sketches are on slate fragments found at the scene. Working with rapid brush strokes, combining the beautiful natural qualities of water colour with heavier paint creates a fluid, layered surface that allows me to adjust and rework the painting as it progresses. I have tried to continue this freedom of expression in the larger canvases. The painting stands in for the landscape, not just the sight but other senses also; the smell and feeling of the wind blowing on your face. The image remains static but the possibility for suggesting movement and the relentless changes that occur from instant to instant is very powerful. They are not frozen moments but small parts of a continuing experience.”

Lewis Noble 2008

Lewis Noble has lived and worked in Ashbourne, Derbyshire for 6 years since moving from Birmingham were he studied Fine Art until 1992.

Over this time the landscape of the Peak District has become fundamental to his work. He concentrates on trying to find ways of portraying the landscape that expresses more than the representational or superficial image, focusing on the experience of living within the landscape.

Lewis holds regular exhibitions in London and throughout the country. He has won 2nd & 3rd prizes in The Derby City Open and is the current recipient of the Vickers Art Prize. Throughout the course of 2001 he will be artist in residence at Chatsworth House, Arkwright’s Mill, Sudbury Hall & The Silk Mill, Derby. The resultant paintings for this will be on show at Derby Museum & Art Gallery in Jan 2002.

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